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30 Day Drug Treatment Centers
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30 Day Drug Treatment Centers

The Discovery Program
The Discovery Program is a licensed residential drug treatment program with medically supervised detox services located in the Century City area of West Los Angeles. Discovery Program is recognized as a national leader in drug addiction treatment, and the treatment of alcoholism, drug abuse, and chemical dependency.

Sober Living Homes

The Liberty Ranch
The Liberty Ranch will be a sober living, drug abuse and alcohol recovery home in the Grove Ridge Community off of Highway 501 in Casey County. A sober living home is where clients go after drug addiction and alcohol rehab in a 30 day drug treatment center. While residing in drug rehab and alcohol addiction centers, individuals can begin to rebuild their lives and
relationships while seeking employment and living in an alcohol and drug free zone. A Liberty Ranch live-in manager will be provided and nightly attendance at 12 step meetings will be mandatory for sober living residency as well as attendance at other 12 step meetings and functions. Residency at Liberty Ranch is expected to be a minimum of six (6 months) to one (1) year.

Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism Treatment
Get all the information about drug and alcohol rehabilitation and find the center that's right for you.

San Diego Sober Living


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